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‘I regret coming back’: White Muslim convert who went to fight for ISIS

‘I regret coming back’: White Muslim convert who went to fight for ISIS

A white, Catholic boy who converted to Islam before being radicalised and fighting for ISIS has claimed he ‘regrets’ returning to his native Belgium.

Michael ‘Younes’ Delefortrie, even named his son after his ‘hero’ Osama bin Laden, but insists he has no plans of carrying out any terrorists attacks now he is back in Europe.

Speaking to CNN as part of an upcoming documentary, he reveals how he became a Muslim to get his life back on track following a troubled upbringing that saw him turn to drugs.

But his views became more and more extreme, and he began mixing with a group named Sharia4Belgium, which helps smuggle potential fighters back to Syria and Iraq for jihadi training.

He joined ISIS because they were ‘the most committed’ to introducing Sharia Law and quickly began arresting people for the terror group, although he denies that he ever killed anyone himself.

Delefortrie is now back in his country of birth, but already says he misses living in the Middle East.

‘I regret coming back,’ he told me. ‘I want to live under the caliphate.’

But, despite his dislike for western culture, he strenuously denied that he would be conducting any terror attacks.

He said: ‘Why should I? I’m here to live,’ he tells me. ‘It’s not on my agenda.’

‘I’m doing whatever I can to spread the word of Islam. That’s my goal.

‘Not every Muslim with an ideology is a terrorist or is a potential time bomb who is going to explode in a shopping mall.’

But despite alleging that he will not be directly responsible for any deaths himself, he praises atrocities such as 9/11, and named his son after the man behind them, Bin Laden.

He said: ‘I’m proud of it, because that man is a hero

Source: The Daily Mail

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