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Mylene Doublet O’Kane, Feb 17, 2017

How can a man achieve a “true” knowledge of the world has never been a question as crucial as today. Constantly being stimulated and torn between mainstream or alternative media’s breaking news stories – with the possibility of fake news arising every minute – how can he achieve an indisputable truth? Actually, the first question should be: how can a man ever be certain that he captures “reality” as it is? During the Enlightment period (XVIIIth century), empiricist philosophers focused on the mind’s interplay with the external world with the hope to find the key in the combination of sensations and ideas, whereas the rationalists would rather look into the power of the mind itself – to some unspecified principle of reflection by which whether through mental conditioning, association or reinforcement – a man reaches out and respond to the world “as it is”. During the XXth century, Human sciences provided a vital contribution to the understanding of “reality construction”. Indeed, if the path to discover the world is somehow unique, an individual’s working intelligence cannot be separated from cultural products like language and other symbolic identity markers which interact in his representation of reality. In other words, domains of logical-scientific reality construction can never be disconnected from a personal environment (family, social background, ethnicity, religious beliefs, network of friends, colleagues, references books, notes, computer activities…) which contributes to build and grasp the ways of the world with a certain perspective. However, if logical-scientific reality can easily be verified and falsification be weeded out, the rest of “our” reality is based on what could be called a “conventional narrative” mostly transmitted culturally and shared by colleagues, friends, mentors… in the sense that we can only achieve a “verisimilitude”. In this respect, we mainly organize our experience and memory in form of narratives – stories, myths – that we all accept as a certain version of reality whose acceptability is governed by conventions. Among the oldest existing verisimilitudes, religions are undoubtedly the most powerful. We cannot mention the western civilization without referring to Judaism which later gave birth to Christianity and more significantly to a codex of values, morality and ethics inherited from the Mosaic Law’s principles. Under the Hellenistic ages, the commandments including “You shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Love your neighbor as yourself…” along with 613 rules and status contained in Deuteronomy were stolen and translated into ancient Greek. These have greatly participated in the elaboration of Plato’s idealism and his framework of antagonistic values upon which the western world was eventually founded. Good vs evil. Truth vs lie. Right vs wrong. Brotherhood vs egotism. Fairness vs unfairness…finally designed the vision of what a harmonious world of enduring peace and prosperity should be like. Likewise, you cannot discuss the Muslim world without reference to Quran; a sum of verses written by Prophet Muhammad until 632 CE, half of which praising hatred and establishing the conversion of the world as the “good” believer’s ultimate goal. To achieve full compliance, all means are blessed. Two methods. First, the terrorist attack option. Here, the western world must make no mistake. Multiple concurring sources have repeatedly proven that it was financially supported by Sunni Islamic monarchies and/or so called Iranian Shia “republic”. This point clearly stated, the option involves the uses of sneaky little tactic, outright deception, the multiplication of sleeper cells consisting of covert operatives whose purpose is to create as many casualties as possible, the sending of fully documented individuals threading their way through asylum seeker masses, the recourse to “weak, innocent” women… As non-exhaustive example, IS terrorist organization has put a hand on official devices allowing the issuance of authentic Syrian passports and this, is a big worry. Western European countries have learnt a great deal about it at their own expense. With IS expected to be defeated on Iraq and Syria grounds any time soon, the relocation process into the western world is clearly under way. Besides, distant indoctrination has never been as active as today. At this point, many may oppose that every sacred book contains verses praising hegemony and violence. I admit the criticism. However, Buddhism, Shintoism, Hinduism, Judaism… have never developed a proselyte momentum. Moreover, if Christian’s ethnocentrism was once as violent as political Islam, religious wars are over in the western world. Today, the Jewish-Christian civilization is a hostage of an internal schism inside a hegemonic Islam by nature. This statement leads us to the second method used to complete the western world’s islamisation. Although as invisible as outwardly pacific, it has obviously exploited two fatal weaknesses existing within the Christian world –greediness and ethnocentrism. The first one has allowed Islamic sovereign funds trillions to be injected in the private banking system – thus the real economy including the most popular brands – as well as in charitable organizations (ONGs…), private foundations (Soros, Clinton…), international institutions (UNESCO…), school and University boards, hospital boards, political parties, culture (entertainment and movie industries, publishing lobbies, the mainstream media…) identity movements (women’s rights…), associations and groups for the young people, football club boards… and the list can go on. It’s been the most sophisticated and invisible way used to develop the most perverse “humanist” narrative of a “unique human race” whose needs, thoughts, tastes, expectations should fit in the same box in the name of peace between nations, while “leading from behind”. And it was also perfectly falling in line with the pro-globalization progressive liberals’ agenda whose ultimate G-d happens to be insatiable profits. He who understands this dreadful alliance can thus understand why our western civilization has come to a turning point. Behind the reality “as it is”, he (or she !) will be able to identify two antagonistic visions: One is global and “Islamized”. We will discuss why in a minute. It praises no more country boundaries, no more patriotism, no more roots; no more civilizational background, no more personal history, no more family and sooner than expected, this totalizing vision will be given the means it needs to meet its goals. In 2015, scientists managed to insert false memories into mice’ brains when sleeping, thanks to implanted electrodes. In other words, synthetic memories can be created via neural stimulation. In some years from now, the youth will be offered the possibility to erase traumatic pasts. We all know how greatly persuasive the progressive liberals and social influencers can be. If you can break the family links via a childhood’s memory suppression process, then ideologies provide the most powerful and perverse substitute. There, would stand the tragic path for mankind. I have no time in the present article to expose the extent of advanced research which could enable everyone to take stock of progress in brain research, but a fact should already be taken for granted. The international communities of brain’s researchers whom I’m in constant contact with repeatedly express their deep concerns that the need for ethical reflection in the field of neuroscience will be a fool’s game in the end. Should progress ever submit the human’s brain, then what kind of progress would it be for mankind? On the contrary, the second vision is the one which values the human brain’s ability and inner will to remain extraordinarily singular. As a philosopher with an over 23 years teaching experience, I can testify that Genius lies in this very ability and will. This vision also considers that globalization’s effects have been calamitous on human beings with Jewish-Christian’s origins. Not to mention the economic disaster, I assert that the Jewish-Christian child has been persecuted over the past seven decades. This comes from the idea that the “Shoah” has become the religion of the western world. On the ground that Nazism praised a racial hierarchy, the opposite effect has produced an over self-destructive reaction. All of the sudden, the Jewish-Christian world has abolished the notion of human “races”. Darwin’s theory of evolution of the species eventually became a source of controversy so that a multiplicity of races could finally be merged into a single “human race”. Very well. However, first observation: if there does exist “one” human race, then a lawsuit on racism grounds becomes a nonsense. Second observation: 98,7 % of racial lawsuits prosecute white people, as if an anti-white racism didn’t exist or was irrelevant. Why? As a result, the Christian civilization has blamed herself for her colonialist past, while 1960-1970s blossoming social “pseudo” sciences developed the most destructive diversity-praising narrative which ultimately preached against its own civilization. To the benefit of whom? If inequalities and divisions do exist between white, black and Hispanic people within the same Jewish-Christian civilization, to turn the “Shoah” into a religion, instead of keeping it as a fact in history, has finally dislocated and drawn the Jewish-Christian civilization to the sole benefit of the Islamic world. Furthermore, if the openness to the world – and to different cultures – is coextensive with a harmonious cognitive, intellectual, physical and emotional development, the role of family ties, patriotism, the promotion of historical national heroes and civilizational markers are decisive in a developing child.

The other western world’s Achilles heel -ethnocentrism- points at our civilizational inclination to believe that our humanistic values are thoroughly spread and shared within the Islamic world. As surprisingly as it may seem, they are not. Every time the western world has tried to bring democracy to the Middle East- it has generated more chaos, an escalation of hatred between Shia and Sunni minorities and more radical militants. In other words, the irony isn’t lost here. Whenever the Western World welcomes refugees after the damage is done, it only serves the expansion of Islam – which is precisely the goal of militant Islam. Combined with an increasing anger related to the economic crisis endured in most western countries and to the fact that Islamic terror groups’ relocation is under way in many Muslim areas among the western world, the possible merge of economical dissatisfaction with militant Islam  may well soon create what we could call “The third International of the third Millennium”. The pro-globalization progressive liberals’ agenda enforces a cynical move which allows the Muslim world compel its western counterpart to drink the hemlock until the last drop, with a good chance that the cup will soon drown a whole civilization. This is not a judgmental issue. This is not a “racist” issue. Earlier, we saw the impossible legality of such an accusation, if there only exists “one” human race. This is a question of competing visions. Survival or submission? Resilience, or globalization into a single “human race” ruled by Islam and liberals? The exponential number of blossoming “patriotisms” around the western world exposes the expression of this resilience. At this point, you may wonder why we, philosophers from the Old Continent, are so very concerned about the collapse of the Jewish-Christian civilization. You may also wonder why Philosophers are hardly ever invited over to mainstream media broadcasts. I’m not talking about acquiescent philosophers whose vision would fall in line with the mainstream media bias. I’m referring to true outspoken philosophers.


According to the most serious studies, the main reasons for Islam’s growth ultimately involve simple demographics. Let’s facts and experts be our guides. As an example among many, Pew Research Center’s neutral experts have calculated that Muslims have more children than members of the seven other major religious groups analyzed across all studies. We are almost in 2020. Here are the projections for you and your children generation.

“Each Muslim woman has an average of 3.1 children, significantly above the next-highest group (Christians at 2.7) and the average of all non-Muslims (2.3). In all major regions where there is a sizable Muslim population, Muslim fertility exceeds non-Muslim fertility. In addition, the growth of the Muslim population is helped by the fact that Muslims have the youngest median age (23 in 2010) of all major religious groups, seven years younger than the median age of non-Muslims (30). A larger share of Muslims will soon be at the point in their lives when people begin having children. This, combined with high fertility rates, will accelerate Muslim population growth in every region except Latin America and the Caribbean, where relatively few Muslims live”. The figures speak for themselves. In this respect, when opening the European borders to majority-Muslim migrants on selfish economic grounds; did German Chancellor Angela Merkel commit a crime against the Jewish-Christian civilization? If Germany finally welcomed 2 million asylum seekers, recent German statistics objectify that 33 to 61 % of them have mysteriously “vanished”. Undoubtedly, they fled away to more generous countries, the first of which being France and her unique social system. Over the past years, the United Kingdom has repeatedly refused to welcome several thousand asylum seekers crossing France up to Channel’s port of Calais. This situation created a terrifying ‘jungle’. However, The United Kingdom has always followed two unfailing guides: wisdom and excellent lessons learned from facts in history (not propaganda or narrative). As a general result, France, Italy and Greece are now stuck with an uncontrolled flow of migration reflecting the tragedy of the most hypocritical “European dream of freedom, peace and prosperity”. The French border controls can easily be compared to France’s famous Gruyère cheese. Greece and Italy have no other choice than allowing migrants transit through their lands, which makes France and her 8 to 9 million Muslim citizens, the most explosive place where to live in the context of a triple inflammatory domestic situation based on 3 grounds: A profound identity crisis. An economic crisis due to weak, corrupted French political leaders (and class) acting like puppets in the hands of Germany, industrial lobbies and financial giants joyfully benefiting from Islamic funds. Lastly, a critical security crisis, due to the European reluctance -should we say cowardice- to implement a unified policy in terms of law enforcement units, military and coordinated intelligence forces. The European people do not want to hear about a federalist option which would build “The United States of Europe”. For the past decades, America has been spending fortunes on NATO to the American taxpayer’s expenses, while the European taxpayers were being literally striped by Germany. In the meantime, The Schengen border fence (EU borders) was, but only a booby trap. When the migrant crisis was created by Merkel’s irresponsible behaviour in sept 2015, the straw broke the camel’s back. On the economic level, the European Union was already a German “Kommandantur” calamity. From 2015 forward, it suddenly became an open theater for Islamic groups, hundreds of whom with French citizenship. Bottom line of the story is that inside the same Jewish-Christian civilization, you cannot force people with different languages, different history and cultures to be part of the same nation. Likewise, you cannot force a whole civilization to disappear in order to welcome the myth of a misleading “unique race”. You would only succeed in bringing outside wars onto the domestic ground. In this respect, France is probably the place where the assassination of the Jewish-Christian civilization is the most manifest. When your country gathers the biggest Muslim community – among which 28 to 40% (probably much more) openly declare that “Islam is their sole patriotism” -the voice and actions of religious leaders are more important than any Nation’s rule. Actually, even the President’s voice of the country of origin is more significant. Besides, drugs/arms trafficking are more profitable than any position that could be offered to kids and parents living on this underground economy, although fiercely denying it whenever caught. In order to cajole an ever growing Muslims’ constituency over the past forty years, the law enforcement units have repeatedly been commanded to turn a blind-eye on what was happening in the so called “Banlieues” (Big cities’ outskirts), where the Jewish-Christian lower class has been forced to live among Muslims as far as today. Indeed, this enforced diversity is a tyranny. This is the worst dictatorship ever exercised on the Jewish-Christian civilization, and it occurs on the so called land of Human’s rights. Moreover, the “Free and compulsory” educational system makes sure the persecution process is maximized. Under an economic crisis, only the wealthiest category can afford private schooling. The political narrative of a so called happy “Black, Muslims, White French diversity”- once forged by President Mitterrand in the 1980s – has finally sunk the country into the most-fractured society. Behind the pro-globalization progressive liberal system- which matches the Islamization of the world via Islamic funds invading every branch of the real economy – can be found the most sulfurous Jewish French  citizen Jacques Attali ; Mitterrand’s advisor who later introduced former Rothschild’s associate banker Emmanuel Macron to President François Hollande. Personally convicted of his own intellectual superiority, Attali is best known among scholars as a person stealing ideas from eminent scholars such as the American rabbi, philosopher and Historian Chaïm Potok, then getting his students write books and prophetical theories for the sole benefit of his own reputation and sphere of influence. In other words, inside the Jewish-Christian civilization, the Jewish world is divided into two opposite trends. One is pro-Zionist. It praises the preservation of the Jewish-Christian world and values, whereas the left –Democrats liberals- support globalization, thus the possibility for a hegemonic Islam. Once, Emperor Napoleon declared: “Impossible isn’t a French word”. Seventy-seven years ago, France surrendered to Nazism. Many citizens accommodated the news with indifference and sometimes pride, until forced labour under Germany rule was implemented in 1943. In reaction, up to 300.000 persons (over 45 million citizens) eventually joined the resistance movements. In early June 1940, patriotism and dignity were lost in the country. After President Charles de Gaulle was gone in 1969, submission to Islam became a French word.

At this point of the present article, what options are left to the western world if it wants to save the Jewish-Christian civilization? It is utterly crucial to observe that for the first time in History, the Free world’s Commander in Chief is taken to Court on the ground that rights for Aliens should come prior to national security. At all time, the security of the American citizens must come first, and it is a clear prerogative of the President to decide where the major threats are or could come from. Not only was it the worst message of weakness and division to be sent to the Islamic world, but it is also a crystal clear indicator that Russia and the United States have to build a strong relationship to bar the apocalyptic alliance that we’ve been describing all through the article. 1945’s Post-war II partition of the world has become obsolete. The new enemy is perfectly identified for those who believe that the Jewish-Christian civilization and freedom for mankind are worth saving. Indeed, this noble aim implies IS’ eradication and the implementation of safe zones for local populations. Sunni Monarchies are scared of Iran. At no time should Iran be able to deploy a nuclear capacity. Therefore, the Gulf monarchies should be paying for these safe zones, considering that the disastrous Iran deal will be terminated in the aftermath of the final victory. They should also be expected to accept immigration programs allowing undocumented asylum seeker Muslims be admitted on their respective soils. Their religious war isn’t our war. They have accumulated thousand trillions of petrodollars over the past sixty years. It is high time they can show their humanist values to the world. As for North African countries, should a binational citizen be convicted of links with radical Islam, the deportation back to his/her country of origins should take immediate effect. Undoubtedly, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin both agree that the Jewish-Christian civilization is at stake. They also both agree that Europe is sat on a ticking-time bomb. They are also very much aware that Obama’s supporters within the American intelligence community will multiply leaks and/or create “fake” information in order to damage the restart button. The public opinion is very much aware that mainstream media is toasted. Its pitiful sore losers’ reaction is the desperate attempt to disseminate the same old rotten rant that Russia is the worst peril in the face of the free world. The real threat doesn’t serve their bosses’ liberal momentum. Actually, these days, on the European side, they try to select extracts of Russian or U.S. official statements which would prove that Europe is of some importance. But Europe appears only, but pathetic. The European Union is an infected living corpse. Let’s face it. The termination of this unhappy marriage is more than wise. It’s unavoidable. As soon as the Euro was implemented, the WSJ got it right: “Once you’ve joined the single currency, your nation cannot fight recession by using fiscal or monetary policy. That leaves wage reduction, household tax hikes and increasing company tax cuts as the only recourses”. Over the past decade, The Euro-zone leaders have been disseminating the narrative that in case of a Frexit, the French households would lose 20 to 30% of their capital and that considering the Euro-denominated indebt amounts, their children would have to support the burden. More seriously, American economists and British experts have recently admitted that the fear was mostly deceptive. Actually, as the Euro ($1.08) is almost equivalent to the Dollar, there would be little change. In addition, 60% of the international trade is processed in dollars. Lastly, in case of a Frexit, “what Euro-zone would be left? None. No matter what the reputation of a country can be, to believe that investors and markets would turn their back to France, her assets and her position as permanent member of the UN’s Security Council is only but farcical. A market of 500 million inhabitants cannot be ignored. However, fair bilateral trades seem the best option. Britain showed the path. it’s only a question of courage”. On a diplomatic level, excellent U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence blew the final whistle to NATO’s European members gathered in Bonn a couple of days ago, for failing to adequately contribute to the alliance expenses. He stated:” The promise to share the burden of our defence has not been fulfilled by too many and for too long, and it erodes at the foundation of our alliance. The President of the United States of America expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfil this commitment and for most, this means the time has come to do more”. Germany, France and others swiftly reiterated their compliance to a 2% raise of their respective GDP. However, soon speaking to the media after her speech, Merkel said that Germany –whose current contribution is 1.2 % of her GPD although being the richest European country- “cannot do more to increase spending. That raise has to be absorbed somehow in the national budget. Germany will boost NATO defence spending in her OWN time”. In France, The Foreign French Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault deliberately curtailed and perverted VP Pence’s statement, stating that “the American Vice President reaffirmed the 100% U.S. commitment to NATO, although President trump called it an obsolete institution during his campaign. Mike Pence also called for a position of firmness towards Russia, partly due to Russia’s hacks into the U.S. presidential elections. France will tolerate no hacks into her own coming elections. Our government expresses its deep concerns about such a possibility”. In other words, the European leaders are clearly feeding the media with elements that can be used and manipulated to discredit President Trump in the face of the European citizens. Merkel and her Gang of weak leaders have already started to make anything they possibly could to escalate the Ukraine conflict and bring the Crimea question over NATO’s agenda in order to justify the continuation of economic sanctions on Russia. The underpinned weakness of Russia works for militant Islam’s expansion coupled with the progressive liberal political momentum. The Russian foreign Minister Lavrov expressed his perplexity and probably sadness regarding better ties between Russia and The United States, when considering this bunch of sore losers and corrupted followers. “The partition of the world after WW II has become obsolete“.  This is exactly what the truth is. This is precisely what the progressive liberals want to hide. I do not believe that Putin only understands display of power. This would be a simplistic vision of the Russian’s soul. But when you’ve been rejected for too long, you certainly need some reassuring signs. The myth of candidate further President Trump being under Russia’s influence has been fabricated in order to dissimulate the real issue. Once again, the 45th president of the United States and Vladimir Putin are men of exception. They will be wise enough to skip those irrelevant nuisances. True, the Democrates do anything in their power to slow down the Secretary nominees’ process in Senate. They are in total dissarray, while some Hollywood stars show scary signs of hysterical disorders. Bernie Sanders has been the fall-guy in the farce of a rigged primary election.  He is the one who suffered. The mainstream media will never recover from a dishonest coverage of the 2016’s presidential campaign, and it doesn’t seem to learn from its many mistakes. This is what Albert Einstein would call the exact definition of insanity. Do these people only get to realize that they are swiftly becoming the laughingstock of the entire world ?


Many may wonder why the coming elections in France are decisive. To save the Jewish-Christian civilization, it has become a necessity that the European Union and the European Court of Human’s rights – which repeatedly puts rights prior to security – are dismantled. French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is the archetypal profile of what the progressive liberals can create. I have started the present article with the reality construction process in the human brain, insisting on the distinction that could be made between logical-scientific reality and a “conventional narrative” mostly transmitted culturally, in the sense that we can only achieve a “verisimilitude”. I have also mentioned that we mainly organize our experience and memory in form of narratives – stories, myths – that we all accept as a certain version of reality whose acceptability is governed by conventions. French Philosopher and theologian Paul Ricœur would start from this point to develop the idea of a “narrative identity” mostly based on the notion of a “triple mimesis”. Actually, he would insist that Action is prefigured into a virtual narrative (prefiguration) in the sense that a narrative -that you could be told or that you could read and which would combine personal and historical markers – would appear to you like a synthetic narrative of elements (configuration), some of which echoing both your personal history and the multiple variations of your imagination’s creativity (refiguration). In this respect, this “story-telling” feeds and organizes your “narrative identity”. In other words, on a political level, should a presidential candidate suddenly decide to present his personal history while combining it with great historical figures and events, should he be clever enough to switch from “I’ to “We” at the right moment, should he be shrewd enough to praise “diversity as the ultimate wealth for his country” while asserting the country has never had “other roots or culture”, then he could manage to conflate “essentialist” (pre-political) singular categories such as those of race, sex, religion and gender into the same unique mythical narrative. Doing so, he could appear as a mystical, almost Christic or messianic figure. Once, Paul Ricœur substantially contributed to hermeneutics – the art to interpret- Christian sacred corpus at the Divinity School of Chicago. Back to France, the progressive liberal Emmanuel Macron was once his assistant. Paul Ricœur passed away in 2005. Eventually, Macron served the private banking system before supporting Hollande’s candidacy in 2012. He is believed to be accountable for writing the major part of the liberal program that led to a total disaster in the country over the past five years. Sworn in as Minister for economy in 2014, his detractors suspect him of having favored several suspicious takeovers and for having collected questionable funds to launch his political party “En Marche!” (In the Move), in early 2016. Ever since his resignation in September same year, he’s been following his late master’s recommendations. Over the past months, the 39 yo candidate’s been talking about himself a great deal. The French heard lots about his childhood and of his elementary principle grand-mother’s influence on him. However, he forgot to mention that his father was a neurologist and his mother a pediatrician. He presented his 63 yo former French high school teacher and wife to the press, somehow over exposing his couple story with such a lack of restraint that many felt uncomfortable with the fabricated image of a resurrected “John and Jackie Kennedy’s ideal pair”. His multiple communication agents got it all wrong on that one, while proving radical inefficiency in covering a suspected “particular intimacy” with Mathieu Gallet, the president of the State French Radio- “Radio France”. His book “Revolution” was supposed to launch his campaign. As a matter of fact, it happens to be a poor gathering of vague notions presented in form of epic narrative. I have already mentioned that he is President Hollande’s choice and literal continuation. He is also the mainstream media’s pick, sadly meaning all French channels together. His progressive liberal agenda is crystal clear, although currently evasive. The candidate hopes that he can appeal to a wide-cross section of voters. The government-orchestrated scandal over conservative liberal François Fillon made him win some sympathizers, but it didn’t last long. With the secret hope of seducing the French Muslim consistuency, he paid a visit to lebanon, then to Algeria. Answering to a local broadcasting media on last thursday, he declared the worst statement that could possibly be made in the eyes of a French divided society:” France has committed a crime against Humanity during the colonization of your country.” (1830-1962). The concept is extremely power, and there is little space left for doubt. The statement was intentional. It’s an old socialist ruse invented by Mitterrand in order to hike the extreme far-right vote, while weakening the traditional right represented by Fillon. Polls believe that Far-righ leader Marine Le Pen will reach the run-off round. So it was a way to take a decisive advantage on Fillon. Meanwhile, Macron’s outrageous statement deeply hurt hesitating voters, number of whom “don’t want to hear any further about him as the next French president. He has become the disgrace of our nation. How intolerable to criticize our country on a foreign soil ? He hates France, her history and culture. He praises a global vision. We want to remain who we are. It’s our right and our land”. The rejection is immense, even if he will be helped from behind the curtains until the end. The irony is that he’s now fabricating stories about “Russians having hacked into his party’s database”. However, very much alike to allegations accusing Russia of having hacked into the Democrat party and of interference into the U.S. presidential elections, no evidence was shown. Few days ago, foreign experts certified that it was impossible to determine the supposed hackers’ location. In the next development of this stitch-up, a French computer engineer managed to hack into Macron’s party. He later explained that the website’s version hadn’t been updated in a year time! Yesterday, Wikileaks revealed that the United States spied on the 2012’s French elections. In 2015, the NSA spied Merkel and Hollande’s private cellphones. Should Mr Obama be ashamed of himself? These progressive democrats have one common feature: they all praise the collapse of the Jewish-Christian civilization.

French voters, be aware that your choice will be the most decisive in a very long time.

In solidarity,

©Mylene Doublet O’Kane, Feb 17, 2017.

Post Graduate in Philosophy and Education, Mylene Doublet-O'Kane is an Israeli-French teacher, an independant editorialist and the author of a partially fictionalized biography entitled "L'Humanité devant soi" which exposes a philosophical vision of the modern world through the eyes of a Holocaust survivor and the ones of a young Professor. The relationship between the two heroines can be compared to the holding of an international conference where a critical debate takes place on key ontological themes in the post-modern era.

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