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The ideal was sublime, and no expectation was too great. After centuries of continuous conflicts on the old continent only to be ending into the tragedy of Nazism, the western European countries cherished a dream and a promise of “Peace, Prosperity and Freedom”. Then, what happened? What did the superb Hellenic goddess Europa die from? Who or what killed her in the end?

Truth out: First murderer – a lead from behind

When we blame the successive European leaders for their perpetual hesitation between a “Europe of sovereign nations” vs “The United States of Europe”, what’s the real story hidden behind the scenes? In 2000, the lead financial writer at the Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard wrote: “Declassified American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe”. Actually, even the US Congress made unification a prior condition to the further Marshall Plan. Two goals were pursued. Solve the German problem. Provoke dissonance within USSR’s satellite states. Recently retired, American military governor in Germany, General Lucius D. Clay, declared lately:” As early as 1949, the Ford Foundation was cooperating with the CIA on a number of European programs”. The head of the Ford Foundation, ex-OSS Officer Paul Hoffman, doubled as head of ACUE (American Committee on United Europe) and the State Department also played a role. A memo from ACUE dated June 11, 1965 advised the Vice-President of the European Economic Community, Robert Marjolin, “to pursue monetary union by stealth”. It recommended “suppressing debate until the point at which adoption of such proposals would become virtually inescapable”. In other words, the U.S. State Department recommended ramming through the creation of the EU long before Europeans knew what was going on. Or to put it in another way, General De Gaulle was right when warning his fellow citizens in 1966: “I’m somehow persistently told we’d better be submitted to a certain form of majority – to a supranational assembly or even, to some European Council. Then, let’s elect an umpteenth parliament and let’s call it EPO which will rule over six nations. Well, although these ideas can charm some simple minds, let me ask a question. Can you figure out one France, one Germany, one Italy, one Holland, one Belgium or one Luxemburg which would be ready to head in the opposite direction of its own domestic or international interests, only because it would be told so by others? Do you believe that the French people, the German people, the Italian people (…) would be delighted to submit themselves to laws ruling out their respective inner wills? Or, let’s put it this way around. Inside an ‘Integrated Europe’, could it possibly occur that the ability to do politics wouldn’t prevail any longer? Naturally, this would make so many things easier, wouldn’t it? Then if so, since there would be no more ability to do politics in such a configuration where no country would be able or entitled to enforce its own will or vision to the remaining five, then could we consider that this brilliant gathering would favorably welcome a foreign patronizing super power that- to their difference- would have a consistent policy or doctrine? In such case, there may be a “federative friend”, but at no time would he be a European”.Any government or state leader that sacrifices its national sovereignty, a part of its constitution and its currency to a foreign supervisory power is a traitor not only to his nation, but to the people he is supposed to defend. Undoubtedly, this comment certainty speaks on behalf of General De Gaulle belief and indeed, the European Union was extensively an American Project. One of the first plans for European integration was the proposed European Army, but the idea was aborted by the French Assembly. Then, on which grounds? First, although imposed by De Gaulle, the French narrative of a “Resistancialist” myth (the inaccurate narrative claiming all Frenchmen were ‘Resistants’ during WW2) was still too fragile compared to the brutal truth and evidence. Besides, Germany’s re-militarization wasn’t very popular in those years. Therefore, the founding fathers of Europe concluded that they should pursue a more indirect approach to European integration. In practice of course, NATO provided a framework for defending Western Europe without member states abandoning their sovereignty. Yet, quite surprisingly, although the “Fight communism propaganda” motive for a Federal ideal mainly evaporated with the collapse of the Soviet Union and Communism in 1991, a sort of McCarthyism propaganda was deliberately continued as far as most recently. The agenda was obvious: the preservation of geopolitical and dominant zones of economic influence. In other words, the Cold War ended but the myth of evil Russia was perpetuated for the excellent reason it could safeguard and favor particular interests and the many assets of a western oligarchy. Twenty five years later, what can be noticed? One ideology has been defeated only to be replaced by an insatiable international oligarchy including political Islam- and its inexhaustible sovereign wealth funds- praising globalization to its sole benefits. However, the result of uncontrolled greediness and corruption running through a class of happy few happened to be lethal in the end. Before history, Donald Trump’s indisputable election will certainly be remembered as the collapse of a selfish dangerous gang that believed the Latin saying: “bona pecunia non olet” or euphemistically “good money smells but does not stink” would last forever. Only the State of Israel was wise enough to understand that political Islam was not a reliable partner, but the new number one tricky enemy. But actually, was the threat really new? During the Second World War, didn’t Nazism and Political Islam profusely cooperate? Didn’t Adolf Hitler publically declare his flame to Islam? “The only religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is Muhammad”. In 1941, didn’t the Führer and Haj Amin al-Husseini-the highest authority of both Sunni and Shia Islam- meet in Germany along with Heinrich Himmler, Joachim Von Ribbentrop and other Nazi leaders? His aim was to persuade them to extend the Nazis’ anti-Jewish program to the Arab world, beginning with what was still called Palestine. So when last December, after Obama had orchestrated a squalid plot, the U.N’s vote declared Judea, Samaria and east Jerusalem Jewish settlements to be illegal, the 44th President of The United States certainly endorsed the despicable aim of Al Husseini. Let’s face reality. At the twilight of a calamitous presidency, it is only fair to state that the Obama’s policy had very little to do with improving racial issues or protecting the American people from a devastating globalization and a corrupted oligarchy. But it surely had everything to do with promoting the diversity of political Islam, leaving Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda & affiliates stronger than ever before. It is even sadder to have to consider that he and Hillary Clinton did everything they possibly could to downplay the two different means used by Political Islam in order to control the world. The first one is this sort of terrorism that kills with weaponry. The experience is painful. More than in any other country in the western world, France has experienced it up to the extent her successive leaders have compromised the country’s fate with a welcoming policy towards Islamic dictatorships. Greediness and weakness always kill, when dealing with Islam. The result is an absolute chaos, meaning the submission of the French politicians to the will of their Muslim community. The fear of losing their privileges and positions in the case of a civil war is their only excuse. One exception though. The increasingly popular “Front National” far right-wing leader, Marine Le Pen. Her impediment to power is only due to a joint-orchestrated campaign of demonization. (Mainstream media along with pro EU parties: Far-left wing, the socialist Party, progressive democrats leaders Manuel Valls and Emmanuel Macron, pro-globalization conservative François Fillon). One word can describe France these days: DENIAL. The second form of terrorism is therefore obvious. It has a more subtle flavor, which makes it far more dangerous. It’s the one that kills softly, without you knowing it. It’s called massive sovereign fund investments in global economy. It’s called propaganda praising progressive diversity and the idea that the world is a small village where everybody ‘loves his neighbor as himself’. However, reality is anything but this deliberately simplistic and humanist vision. Political Islam does not recognize the Mosaic Law. Every single year in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Iran, several hundred of human beings lose their lives without fair trials, after enduring torture or while in custody. Thousand others foreign workers build skyscrapers, museums, shopping malls while enduring unregulated working hours and improper housing conditions. They are not even entitled to keep their passports with them. “When the master points at the moon, the idiot student stares at the finger”. For decades, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been used to divert the international attention from intolerable dictatorships, and Obama made sure to cover them during the past eight years. Obviously, Donald Trump’s election is the worst that could happen to them. Days before President-elect’s first press conference, a “Dubai’s friend” tried to offer him a $ 2 million worth construction deal. Was it a trap that could possibly commit the President in a conflict of interests? Was it a poor attempt of retaliation orchestrated by the progressive and pro-globalization oligarchy? Lately, we’ve reached the point of the ultimate ridicule with a narrative assuming that President-Elect Donald Trump could prefer the Russian people to his own. Where does sanity end and where does insanity begin? Obviously, Anti-Trump partisans have no clue, exactly like a mentally insane person refuses to admit he is seriously sick. At least, let’s grant the soon former President with one perfect achievement, days before he leaves office: Throw a regrettable discredit over the U.S. intelligence community as well place its U.K.’s counterpart in an embarrassing position. Lately, “BuzzFeed “pile of garbage” media site along with pro Hillary Clinton’s CNN tried to suggest the existence of highly-compromising material targeting President-Elect Trump. The article reported that a former MI-5 Agent somehow managed to gather an audio tape, a sex-video tape as well as a 35-page unverified dossier alleging that Russia would possess compromising personal and financial information on D. J Trump. Piece of evidence? N/A ! Again, where does absolute nonsense end, when you’ve lost everything? More fake news is expected all along the Trump’s presidency. Yet, as mentioned before, “Money talks”, so you’ll see dozens of American multinationals heading back home, one after another, in the coming future.

Second murderer to Europe: The creation of a single currency

In the 1980’s, Columbia University Pr Robert Mundell both invented the Euro and the guiding light of Reagan-Thatcher government “Supply Side Economics“- or, as George Bush Sr called it later on: “Voodoo Economics”. Actually, it was the best trap ever orchestrated for a total disaster. Years after implementation, the WSJ (Wall Street journal) admitted: “Once you’ve joined the Euro, your nation cannot fight recession by using fiscal or monetary policy. That leaves wage reduction, fiscal constraints-cutting government jobs and benefits- as the only recourse in time of crisis”. As an obvious consequence, the only way a government can create jobs is to fire people, cut benefits and crucially cut the rules and regulations that restrict business on the national soil in order to stay competitive. Indeed, the Euro has done exactly what its genitor and the wealthy 1% oligarchy that adopted it, predicted and planned it would do: ensure European multinationals’ agenda whose lobby organization is the Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT). Since the fixed currency regime came into effect in 2002, the fixed exchange rate has devastated industries in the periphery states of 19 Euro members, while giving disproportionate benefit to Germany. In addition, the globalization-a term which was popularized under Bill Clinton’s presidency to glamorize the corporativist agenda that had just matched with the creation of the World Trade Organization in 1994- was actually the name of a rigged game designed for the few hundred giants and unregulated multinationals, mostly U.S. based. It’s founded on a counter-intuitive “Theory of Comparative Advantages” developed in the 18th Century by English Free Trade proponent David Ricardo :” A country has a comparative advantage over others in producing a particular good if it can produce that good at a lower relative opportunity cost or autarky price. i.e. at a lower relative marginal cost prior to trade. One shall not compare the monetary costs of production or even the resource costs (labor needed per unit of output) of production. Instead, one must compare the opportunity costs of producing goods across countries”. In other words, in a global economy, the cost of labor becomes the adjustment variable for businesses. If any and all national trade protectionism isn’t implemented, “global players” will always find delocalization in countries with low labor costs more profitable. This is precisely how massive job destructions occurred within the developed countries. This is precisely the phenomenon that Donald Trump wants to stop, while offering U.S. companies relocation in exchange of substantial corporate tax-cuts. Indeed, lower taxes, reduce regulations and raise border-taxes will boost employment. But more significantly, the President will soon be able to influence drastically the economy if he manages to take control over the “fourth branch of Government”-the other name for the Federal bank Reserve (FED). Many ignore how it works. So let’s put it simple. The State has no money. The government issues bonds to receive its “national currency”. The Federal Reserve System prints notes and gives it to the State by buying its bonds. Then, the government buys out the bonds and the money returns to the Federal Reserve with interest rates. It makes inflation -or the difference between cash and fixed-rate bonds- the main source of the Federal Reserve’s income. Suppose it costs 10 cents to issue a $100 bill, then the inflation tax is $99,90. Acting as a private Bank, the Federal Reserve gets income from notes sold to the government, as well as from interest payments on the bonds of the Treasury and payment transactions, deposits and transactions on the securities market. In clear, the Fed controls interest rates. The Fed controls the money supply. The Fed regulates the banks. The Fed fiercely resists any ‘interference’ from Congress, the President or the American people. Two seats on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors have remained empty for over a year. Discord between Obama and federal legislators kept them unfilled. But with Republicans now holding control of both legislative branches as well as the White House, we can expect those appointments to finally be made. Trump’s picks for those seats will most likely be significantly different than Obama’s, potentially changing the dynamic of the Fed drastically. The board members, though not as heavily publicized as the Fed’s chair and vice chair, still wield a great deal of power over financial policy in the U.S. Furthermore, the two new board members appointed by President Trump will likely share his pro-growth agenda and give him even more control and influence over the Fed’s actions.

This said, let’s take a look at the European mess.

Third murderer to Europe: The Treaty of Maastricht (1992)

Whereas the 13 first American States adopted a common Constitution insisting on a Republic form of government grounded on the separation of powers between the legislative, judicial and executive branches, the European members started with a monetary Union (EMU) and launched the “Independent” European Central Bank (ECB) without it being tied to a political single legal entity or answerability to anyone. In clear, all of the sudden, EU unelected bureaucrats would control the economic destiny of 19 member states. Here was born dictatorship vs democracy. Here, 19 Euro-zone nations lost their respective monetary independence only to adopt the following insane rules, among others, that the peoples never agreed to :

  • There exists no fiscal solidarity between the members.
  • There exists no fiscal and social harmonization between the members
  • The ratio of the annual government deficit to gross domestic product (GDP) must not exceed 3% at the end of the preceding fiscal year.
  • The ratio of gross government debt to GDP must not exceed 60% at the end of the preceding fiscal year

In other words, if a country has very few comparative advantages, or when in time of crisis, the government cannot fight using fiscal or monetary policy. Nor can it be helped by richer members. A floating exchange rate works like an indicator of the strength of an economy and like an automatic stabilizer. But the WSJ was right indeed when stating: “Once you’ve joined the Euro, it leaves wage reduction, fiscal constraints-cutting government jobs and benefits- as the only recourse in time of crisis”. In addition, the ECB’s has deliberately created a Euro too high, to the wealthy Bavarian Germans’ ultimate delight. They have capital, pension funds… Therefore, Angela Merkel has repeatedly refused to lower the Euro rate. Furthermore, as there is no social harmonization within the Euro-zone, Germany has also abundantly resorted to unfair social dumping tricks, using a questionable 5€/per hour eastern Europe posted workers, when in France for instance, the minimum wage salary per hour is double. Incidentally, 400€/month Micro-jobs have flourished, increasing poverty in the country. Indeed, Germany has initiated a legal encouragement to working force exploitation within the Euro Zone. In the overall, when days before the project of monetary union was unveiled at 1992 EEC conference in Maastricht, British tory press railed against “an emerging ‘fourth Reich’ conquering Europe economically, not militarily”, that wasn’t fake news.

Fourth murderer: Germany unilaterally opening European borders in sept 2015

True, the present report could also point at a lack of European protectionism. Germany is an export-driven nation exporting 80% of its goods outside the Euro-zone. This may be the reason why it’s been reluctant to raise EU tariffs, on cold rolled steel imports for instance… Lately, the U.S. has raised border taxes on China’s from 266 to 522%. By comparison on the same material, the EU has imposed non deterrent provisional tariffs reaching 16%.

However, unilateral Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s Borders in September 2015 will remain in the European history, as the fourth murderer of the European peoples and civilization. The move was irresponsible and grounded on selfish considerations. In order to maintain its long-term competitiveness, the problem of a rapidly aging and declining population had to be solved. By 2060, Germany’s population was expected to shrink by 20 % to approximately 65 million people. With a birth rate of only 1.36 children per woman in 2009, Germany was also witnessing the size of its working-age population plunge 27 % to roughly 36 million people. How could Europe’s largest economy maintain future economic growth and dictatorship when its overall population was shrinking and its elderly population was supported by a smaller working-age population? Then, you’ve got your answer why Merkel opened borders, only to admit she “may have blundered” in the aftermath of such a catastrophic decision.

Furthermore, in trying to deal with the refugee crisis plaguing Europe, Angela Merkel has sacrificed Europe to the whims of an increasingly despotic Turkish leader.  Facing increasing criticisms and voters’ dissatisfaction, she further claimed the agreement offered a “sustainable, pan-European solution”. In exchange for visa-free travel for some of its citizens, €6 billion ($7 billion) in refugee aid and revived talks on possible future accession to the EU, Turkey was supposed to take back migrants who had made their way to Greece and try to secure its borders. However, after the failed military coup and Erdogan building a “bearded army” of radical islamists to cement his position as leader, how much trust would you place in a person whose past ties with ISIS have be proven ?

Fifth murderer: A gregarious attitude

At the end of the day, since 1945, Western Europe further EU behaved like a tamed animal. Once, the U.S. imposed their rule. Actually, it helped repair the tremendous damages Nazi Germany caused. Once, the European countries financially supported Germany when it was time for its reunification, and many times before. Once, the Europeans were the providers of brilliant ideas. It is sad to have to consider that they became the supporters of failed myths. In the aftermath of an unconditional surrender, three deplorable phenomena emerged:

A/ Critical dependencies (Digital, military, food, energy, security, education, mainstream media propaganda…).

B/ A Bossy Germany ruling over a “vital space”

C/ A wave of uncontrolled migration, in the context of Islamic Terrorists relocating in Europe. Both  European Council and European Court for Human rights have become the best tribunes for promoting political Islam.

In every single eurozone country, 50+ % of the people demand a Brexit-like referendum. The only reason why their leaders don’t put it on the table is that a 10% oligarchy would lose its privileges.So if you criticize Vladimir Putin for being a tyrant to the Russian people and blame Donald Trump for preferring deals on bilateral basis, then what’s your definition of Democracy? The European Union has never been an ideal but a bad myth. It’s been a murdering tool. As often, the British people showed the path to wisdom.Before he passed away, the famous economist Milton Friedman stated: “Europe is composed of separate nations speaking different languages, with different customs and having citizens feeling, far greater loyalty and attachment to their own country than to the idea of Europe” The Peoples are stubborn. This maybe be their only privilege. Yet, their memories and roots are stronger than mystified narratives.

Mylene Doublet O’Kane, Jan 16, 2017


Post Graduate in Philosophy and Education, Mylene Doublet-O'Kane is an Israeli-French teacher, an independant editorialist and the author of a partially fictionalized biography entitled "L'Humanité devant soi" which exposes a philosophical vision of the modern world through the eyes of a Holocaust survivor and the ones of a young Professor. The relationship between the two heroines can be compared to the holding of an international conference where a critical debate takes place on key ontological themes in the post-modern era.

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