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Muslim migrant OVERDUE for deportation RAPES 14-year-old girl in refugee center toilet

Muslim migrant OVERDUE for deportation RAPES 14-year-old girl in refugee center toilet

This case is a classic example of how the West has become totally hamstrung in efforts to deport illegal aliens — and the price paid by ordinary citizens of the host state.

Take a guy without any documents to his embassy so they can assess his nationality — he tells them to take a running jump, the result is the embassy denies that he is one of their nationals and there is nowhere to deport him to. It is often not the fault of the embassy. The offshore “Kong Island” option may be the only way to encourage some aliens to cooperate with their deportation.

The best way of avoiding such problems, of course, is to prevent these people from landing in the first place.

Asylum seeker overdue for deportation ‘RAPES TEENAGE GIRL’ in German migrant centre toilet

AN EGYPTIAN asylum seeker overdue for deportation went on to rape a teenage girl after she sought shelter in migrant housing, according to reports.

The Express, January 4, 2017

The assault, which allegedly took place on the December 22 last year, reportedly took place in a housing facility in the northern German city of Hamburg.

The alleged victim, a 14-year-old girl from Hamburg, was in state custody but escaped from child and youth emergency services and found shelter in the migrant housing centre.

Hamburg police reported that a 21-year-old Egyptian man, identified only as Loai E, pushed the girl into a toilet cubicle in the early hours of the morning.

The asylum seeker, dubbed Loai E, was overdue deportation from Germany

Police spokesman Ulf Wundrack said: “There, the suspect demanded sexual favours, which the 14-year-old rejected. Then the 21-year-old dragged her into a room and sexually abused her against her will.”

The suspect came to Germany in 2011 as a refugee, according to local media.

His application for asylum was rejected the same year, after which the Hamburg authorities tried to deport him to Egypt, according to the German Foreigners’ Authority (GFA).

Rape victim

Loai E allegedly sexually assaulted a 14-year-old in a toilet cubicle

The 21-year-old dragged her into a room and sexually abused her against her will

Ulf Wundrack, Police spokesman

But repeated attempts to deport the asylum seeker failed because the man had no papers and Egypt did not recognise him as a citizen.

A spokesperson for the GFA said they tried to arrange his deportation with the Egyptian authorities at least once a year, most recently in the summer of 2016.

Loai E has a criminal record, including drug-related and violence offences.

German authorities attempted to deport Loai E several times since his arrival in Germany in 2011

The case is strongly reminiscent of another sexual assault which took place in Hamburg in early December in which an asylum seeker allegedly raped a woman in a nightclub toilet cubicle after she refused to dance with him.

Adil B, a 34-year-old Moroccan who should have been deported in May, is said to have raped a 24-year-old woman at the 99-Cent Club on Grosse Freiheit (Great Freedom), one of Germany’s most infamous Red Light streets, in the St Pauli neighbourhood of Hamburg.

On April 1 last year, his asylum application was rejected by the authorities.


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