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2017 definitely opens a new book whose incipit commands strong and shrewd leaders. After eight years of an irrational Obama’s foreign policy, both the Middle East and Europe are set on fire. All democratic States and peoples demand “their inalienable right to exercise sovereignty over their own destiny” according to the UN Charter, chapter I-article 1. Enough of lies. Enough of a political correctness era imposed by a corrupted oligarchy, whose sole goal was the preservation of their particular interests and privileges. Enough of a tyrannical dictatorship pretending the world was a small village where a “human race” was happily living in. If a human race did effectively exist, then on which ground would be formed a racial crime? Anyway, let’s send our best farewell to hypocrisy. Thanks to Donald Trump’s amazing campaign and rare will to let the truth out, the peoples of all democracies have finally been allowed to express what had been kept inside for decades. Then, what was it? Enough of an uncontrolled immigration. Enough of a murdering globalization presented as some irreversible phenomenon. Enough of Jewish-Christian civilization’s renouncements. If the DNC wants to learn a lesson, it will remember that denial, wrong doings and a political dictatorship are never a clever option, are they? FAKE NEWS aren’t fashionable anymore.This said, whereas political Islam has launched the 21st century’s revenge over our civilization, the old continent appears as the most unprepared in order to face the many challenges. Two levels have to be explored. In the economical field, over the past decades, the European Union has become a schizophrenic monster. Indeed, if on the one hand, it has kept on praising the Human rights & values and its promises for “freedom, prosperity and security”, on the other hand, it has organized a jungle where Germany soon proved itself being the worst tyrant- for the third time in less than a century. First cause: No strong French leader. Second cause: A perpetual indecision between two choices- “The United States of Europe” or smart partnerships between “Sovereign Nations”. As a result, no harmonization was ever achieved on tax regulations, social and security policies. As a matter of fact, Germany became unbeatable in the sick game consisting in rushing to reduce taxes and wage dumping, with its dire social consequences. For instance, in Germany, workers from Eastern Europe- mainly Romanians and Bulgarians- work legally for extremely low wages (less than 5 euro per hour) in excess of 10 hours per day. In Poland, North Korea employees have also been reported to work for German operational subsidiaries. None of them are covered by social security or health insurance. The working conditions are improper. The salaries are directly sent to North Korean authorities and although against applicable labour laws, the EU commission keeps silent. Whenever questioned, Germany has always defended itself by explaining that its behaviour “complies with all the European directives that authorize workers from the East to work in Germany as ‘seconded’ workers on a temporary basis”. This unfair practice is one of the reasons why Brexit has won. But when you’re a country like France which 30% of its GPD is dedicated to its unique social model, how can you compete? Actually, has France ever come to realize that there was no “equality and fraternity” among the European countries for the excellent reason that an Italian will remain Italian, a French…very French and that a Spanish government will always try to put its own country on its top list priorities. And why shouldn’t it? In other words, make the obvious look odd seems to have represented the most popular and useless game in Brussels, for the past thirty years. Then, should we dig deeper into the core of a mafia gangsta system? Act I: In 1944, an American-British AMGOT plan tried to turn the western European countries into American supervised and occupied territories. Eventually, General De Gaulle foiled the project. France recovered its national sovereignty. Act II: after WW2, the U.S. Marshall plan was linked to a sine qua none constitution of a European federation. The American goals were to control Germany, fight Communism (quite popular in both France&Italy) as well as emotionally and politically unite post-war Europeans together in order to give this “United Europe” the economic power to compete with the U.S. economy. In the mid-1960, General De Gaulle was a strong opponent to “the United States of Europe”, denouncing the American imperialism’s continuation towards Europe. Act III: In the 1980s, the Euro was invented in New-York, New-York at Columbia University. Professor Robert Mundell both invented the Euro and the guiding light of Thatcher-Reagan government “Supply side Economics” and- as Georg Bush Sr. accurately called it: “Voodoo Economics”. In other words, Reagan-Thatcher voodoo and the Euro have been the two sides of the same coin. Therefore, as the Wall Street Journal would point it with joy years after: “Once you join the Euro, your nation cannot fight recession by using fiscal or monetary policy. That leaves wage reduction, fiscal constraints -cutting government jobs and benefits- as the only recourse in time of crisis”. As an obvious consequence, carried on Pr. Mundell, “The only way a government can create jobs is to fire people, cut benefits and crucially cut the rules and regulations that restrict business. Without fiscal policy, the only way Nations can keep jobs is by the competitive reduction of rules on business”. Lastly, The U.K Guardian once concluded: “the Euro has done exactly what its progenitor and the wealthy 1% who adopted it predicted and planned it would do”. The agenda was designed to fit the largest multinationals of Europe, whose lobby organization was the European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT), the influential lobby group of Europe’s Multinationals such as Nestle, Royal Dutch Shell, British Petroleum, Vodafone, ancient Nazi BASF, Bayer, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Deutsche telekom…

Did you know Brexit wasn’t the first NO to the EU?

In 2005, the French were faced with a referendum on whether to ratify the European Constitution. Voters were specifically asked: “Do you approve the bill authorizing the ratification of the treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe?” Nine other EU countries also called for a referendum, although most (including the UK) didn’t go through with it. 55 % of the French voters rejected the bill after a turnout of around 69 %. A poll carried after the vote found that 52 % of “No” voters said that their deteriorating daily life conditions played a huge part in their choice, 40 % said that the draft constitution was “too liberal”, and 39 % of no voters said they had voted “No” hoping for a better treaty. Days later, the Dutch rejected the bill in a referendum of their own with 62% No and 63% turnout. In Denmark‎ and Ireland, the vote was cancelled. Though nine of the EU member states had ratified the treaty, the European leaders should have eventually accepted that the referendum results had killed off the Constitution. If a democratic vote can be ignored, then what difference can you make between a Democracy and a dictatorship? While the presidential elections were on the way in France, Nicolas Sarkozy pledged a re-negotiation without a referendum. He became President in 2007 and in the following months, the EU member states repackaged the Constitution into what further became the Treaty of Lisbon (2009), a document which-while not a Constitution- was considered more or less the same as the one which the French had fairly resoundingly rejected. Sarkozy presented the Treaty to the French parliament and it was adopted. Millions of French voters never forgave that what they had clearly expressed in 2005 had been ignored. Would you have felt different? The EU commission acted like a dictatorship although much aware of the fact that if a crisis would ever arise, economically disarmed Nations would have little to do but wipe away government regulations wholesale, privatize State industries en masse, slash taxes and send the European welfare State down to drain. In other words, the Euro was intended to impose a Shock Doctrine straightjacket on Europe, where big banks and private investors are stripping the weak countries of their public assets, natural resources and wealth. The case of Greece is a telling example. So let’s get this straight: In your opinion, should a nation or a people ever comply with such terms? Actually, that was so naïve or presumptuous to think so. Sooner or later, a surge of nationalisms would develop and it has… big time! Today, the main peoples’ concern has become the possibility for the EU governments to influence their respective citizens’ votes. Last July, Austria’s Freedom Party got another go at providing the first far-right President in the European Union, after the country’s constitutional court cancelled the result of May’s Presidential election. The run-off vote in which Norbert Hofer of the Freedom party (FPÖ) narrowly lost to Green-backed Alexander Van der Bellen had to be repeated across the whole country after an investigation revealed irregularities in the count of the vote in several constituencies. A second vote initially planned in September was postponed until December 4th on the ground of a mysterious problem with glue used on ballot envelops. This time was mainly used by democrat organizations to mobilize the millennial voters, identity voters and the undecided. An Austrexit, with the threats of an alleged immediate impoverishment as well as a ridiculous worry of a new Nazi party were close to hysteria. The famous Obama’s “Name and Shame” propaganda put the citizens into a corner: “Do you want the world to think the Austrians are returning to Nazism?” How vicious such a disgraceful strategy can be! Alexander Van Der Bellen won the presidential elections.

The DNC’s conspiracy to shut down truth has never been as alive as within the EU. Over the past years, according to Obama’s Command, none of the following mass slaughters were called by their names: ISLAMIC terror attacks. Then, the issue is this one: considering 2017 will be an electoral year in several European countries (France, Germany…), how to get reelected when the world has come to realize the EU security was a myth protecting Islamism? March 11 to 19 2012, a French-Algerian shot dead a French Muslim paratrooper in Toulouse. A second attack on 15 March killed two uniformed soldiers and seriously injured another in a shopping centre. On 19 March, four Jewish people, including three children, were killed at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school in Toulouse. Four other persons were wounded. May 2014, a French Algerian gunman opened fire at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, killing four people including a couple of Israeli citizens. Jan and Nov 2015: Paris- 147 victims and over 350 injured. Most of the Jihadists were French-Algerians/Tunisians/ Moroccans. After the Islamic terror attacks perpetrated on Charlie Hebdo (French satirical periodic) and into a local Kosher shop, ISIS warned France for more massacres to come, quoting Bataclan’s concert hall as a quite possible target. Part of the reason was because the infrastructure belonged to a Jewish citizen. In response, the French authorities didn’t take any measure to secure the building. August, same year: a shooting and stabbing incident took place on board a French Thalys train on its way back from Amsterdam. March 2016 in Brussels, three coordinated suicide bombings occurred in Belgium: two at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, and one at Maalbeek metro station, meters away from EU’s building entrance. Nice, July 14 th 2016: a 19 tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, resulting in the deaths of 86 people and 434 injured. The driver was a Tunisian, resident of France. July 26, 2016, in a Normandy catholic church, 2 knifemen made a 84 yo priest kneel as they slit his throat during morning mass. Security sources declared “the church was one of a number of Catholic places of worship on a hitlist discovered on an ISIS suspect in April 2015”– raising serious concerns about France’s intelligence agencies. During summer 2016, Germany kept silent multiple terror attacks. On December 19th 2016, a truck was deliberately driven into the Christmas market beside Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. The terrorist attack left 12 people dead and 56 others injured. One of the victims was the polish truck’s original driver, Łukasz Urban, who was found shot dead in the passenger seat. The perpetrator was Anis Amri, a 24 yo Tunisian failed asylum seeker with a history of crime. He was able to cross 4 national borders despite being Europe’s most wanted man- before he was shot dead during chance encounter with cops. Scandal goes viral as the Djihadist was able to flee from Berlin to Holland, briefly reenter Germany, board on a bus travelling all the way down to Chambery -France, then make a train journey to Milan via Turin. Despite a European arrest warrant was issued, despite he left his ID card on the carnage place and despite a massive manhunt was launched after he managed to escape the Christmas market, he appears to have evaded police checks on his almost 1,000 mile journey ! Officials finally revealed he had six different aliases, three different nationalities (2 being Europeans) and that he had spent years in an Italian jail- raising the terrifying prospect that there is an Italian terror cell that he was trying to reach.

The European denial

Let’s make it clear if not already obvious. The EU was never created but to play a sole role : More money for an oligarchy. For decades, both European and American tax payers have been stolen to raise a big myth : The Universal man that has never and will never exist. That was a diversion hiding a vast net of particular interests. European defense policies have almost exclusively relied on the United States. Yet, all of the sudden, Donald Trump’s election and suggestion he may scale back protection of NATO allies raised a wind of panic attacks as well as a growing European civilians ‘anger. ISIS is currently massively relocationg in Europe and absolutely nothing is done. Interviewed lately, a former top Commander in the French Navy may be right: “The European oligarchy is only concerned that foreign investments could rapidly crush. American and other foreign assets are under serious threats. Who would be insane enough to invest in Europe in the coming future? If political leaders assume it will take up to one generation to defeat terrorism, we believe you can double the estimated period, especially in our country where terrorists are disseminated all over the national soil”.

“Our Union is not equipped to face overwhelming defense challenges. We continue to rely heavily on NATO capabilities and on U.S. solidarity” said liberal lawmaker Urmas Paet, a former Estonian foreign minister who drew up an umpteenth European defense resolution. Dealing with Europe, one can be certain of one thing. Whenever it comes to the nitty gritty of policies and the fine print of their suggestions, there is hardly anything left but empty resolutions. No one wants to pay. But the worst is to be found somewhere else. Some European countries have been taken under an Islamic control for decades. France is a most magnificent example ever.


Its’s always very unfortunate to have to consider that a so called democratic government can exercise a total control over its citizens thanks to orchestrated misinformation and/or disinformation, and even more distressing to notice that those citizens can hardly understand English- not to mention the mainstream journalists’ incapacity to write any article in proper English. Once you’ve realized that, you know that you’ve reached the shores of France where the 45th President of the United States has been mocked all through the U.S. presidential campaign. Apart from far-right’s leader Marine Le Pen, the whole media-political class including a pathetic president François Hollande- depicted Donald Trump as a dangerous weirdo, a sexist, a racist, a xenophobic…. lunatic. In France, one common rule since 2008: scrupulously obey to the Obama Administration’s orders. Let’s make the French history simple.

Beyond the absolute disgrace for being a collaborationist country during the Second World War, a Post-war ruined France couldn’t keep up with its vast Empire any longer. In the 1950s, a decade of decolonization started, beginning with Black Africa then North Africa countries (Morocco, Tunisia). As for Algeria, it remained a french Département (ie U.S State) for an excellent reason: its natural resources (oil and gas energy reserves). The decolonization phenomenon soon leaded to the increase of impoverishment among the mostly Muslims local populations, but that was actually very fortunate. France needed arms for its reconstruction and happily welcomed several dozens of thousands of young workers on its national soil. The French population was ensured this working immigration would be sent back home as soon as the big works end. That never happened. In 1962, after 4 years of a nasty civil war, General Charles De Gaulle finally agreed on the terms of “Les accords d’ Evian” which allowed Algeria to become an independent country. 1.2 million Individuals, including many Sephardic Jews and French colons called “Pieds noirs” suddenly returned to France almost broke, soon packed in the outskirts of big cities with the workers who helped rebuilding the country. Furthermore, in former Black African colonies, the successive French governments would bring to power manageable African dictators in order to continue to benefit from the opportunities and local natural wealth. As for North Africa, economical partnerships with Islam became a top diplomatic agenda. From now on, no matter what Islam would ask, it would get it from France. In 1978, President Valéry Giscard D’Estaing took the most irresponsible decision he could possibly take, soon sealing the fate of France forever. After offering asylum to the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini, VGE allowed family reunifications. In the tickling of an eye, hundreds of thousands of Muslims arrived in France, settling with their respective workers siblings. As soon as 1980, violence broke out in the outskirts- called Banlieues. The Muslim population would refuse to assimilate or integrate into the French society. They would refuse the French way of life, costumes, language, culture… After 30 years, the result was calamitous. The banlieues had become slums. Many French “rooted” people were terrorized on a permanent basis, whereas good neighborly relations had developed between non-Muslim inhabitants. The point here is not to merge Muslims and Islamists. However, among the French Muslim population, many are Islamists, regardless whatsoever the French government wants to hide. According to the state housing allocation’s rules which hypocrisy praises diversity, millions of poor or lower-middle-class families were forced to live among a population with which they shared nothing in common. Over the years, hundreds of thousands reported physical or verbal threats. Had they got any money to leave, they would have at once. Criminality and drugs dealing had flourished. After the Balkans war in the mid-1990s, an organized system of weapons and drug trafficking had emerged, mostly left uncontrolled as the police forces were repeatedly told not to interfere. Obviously, the French political class was very aware of this situation that should have been taken care of. Yet, nothing ever happened but an absolute denial. Various reasons can explain it: A/ an interesting religious vote. B/ Economic, geostrategic and diplomatic interests. C/ A + B hypocrisies used to emphasize on the ultimate model of a humanist society. Behind the myth,the reality was much different. As a result, the far-right Front National reached the runoff presidential election of May 2002, but it was only when dozens of thousands of students refused to observe a minute’s silence in tribute to the victims of Jan 2015, that the political-class realized the denial could last no longer. The world was focused on France. The game was over. France was suddenly stuck in a corner. From that moment on, everybody would make very clear how real Islamic countries were ruling over France for decades. As ethnicity, identity or religious statistics are illegal on this “peaceful & merry” land, several foreign estimations give a number between 10 and 12 million French Muslim inhabitants. For decades, Mosques constructions and Imams have been financed by sunni monarchies set free to diffuse islamist preaches as wished. Tons of diplomas equivalencies have been distributed to their citizens (often with subsequent dual citizenships). Over the years, the educational level has been deliberately downed so that the Muslim community could integrate better. Some parts of the French curriculum in History became optional so that all French students could study more about Islam. Latin, ancient Greek and many hours in Math & French subjects have been abandoned to the benefit of an absurd gathering class called “live happily together”… In addition, the most elitist classes have been banished from K6 to K12.

Most of the Jihadists who have perpetrated terror attacks in France were born and raised on the national soil. The worst irony is the following one: At a moment when the European security is facing a total failure, left-wing French intellectuals, mainstream media and various politicians (both aisles) try to convince the French population of the worst lies : “We must have missed something. How comes that so many of our sons sank into political Islam? We cannot let them down. They are our poor results. They are our responsibility. We cannot deprive them from the French citizenship…” But how far can craziness go? They murder us and we are supposed to turn the other cheek! Really? Not buying this one ! To be able to fight back with efficiency begins with one principle: Forget about your Jewish-Christian empathy. In their twisted world, wrong is right, good is evil, lies are their best allies and barbarity is chanted. Enough of sinfluencers! It is high time the French people demand a decent TV-Radio Network. Enough of CNN Fake News- which has miraculously become a free channel lately. In France, the public channels are pure Obama’s propaganda bodies. So are the French spoken cable channels, either controlled by anti-Zionism Businessmen- though Sephardic Jews- and anti-Trump progressive neoliberals. Fake news era is dead and buried. The French won’t tolerate more media-bias on Donald Trump’s Presidency, Israel or Russia. Enough of sore losers and perverse retaliations! Some food for thought: “When the government violates the people’s rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensible of duties”.  Marquis de Lafayette – XVIIIth century

©Mylene Doublet-O’Kane, Jan 2nd, 2017


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Post Graduate in Philosophy and Education, Mylene Doublet-O'Kane is an Israeli-French teacher, an independant editorialist and the author of a partially fictionalized biography entitled "L'Humanité devant soi" which exposes a philosophical vision of the modern world through the eyes of a Holocaust survivor and the ones of a young Professor. The relationship between the two heroines can be compared to the holding of an international conference where a critical debate takes place on key ontological themes in the post-modern era.

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