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When certainty drives one insane

When certainty drives one insane


“Not doubt, CERTAINTY is what drives one insane”, Nietzsche once wrote. That was more than a century ago, but the quote has never been as à propos as it suddenly appears at the dawn of the third millennium, to the ordinary man who thought he had been living in a “brave new world”, a free Republic zone preserved from a Galactic Empire. The problem with this kind of naïve belief is when someone has intentionally been taught to live by the rule of a Manichean political vision where evil can only be evil and good can only be good, there always comes a day when his great expectations and certainties fade away in a blink of an eye. And from that moment on, a “Cartesian doubt” or methodological skepticism will become the only certainty he’ll make his own. In this respect, this founding act can be called “the ultimate revolution”. If on his personal path, this free spirit ever finds evidences that the democracy he belongs to and cherishes is rigged, he won’t hesitate to rebel not against the best political model, but against a tyrannical oligarchy, while establishing his own essence as a liberty-loving personality.

Why am I saying this? What impressive knowledge did our ordinary man acquire lately that scattered the pride in the imagination of his humble heart? Which certainty did burst in broad day light that now nourishes his anger and a pain he will never forgive?

Twilight of the Idols

Against the odds, against biased polls, against a gigantic system of collusions between the so called progressive-liberal US Democrats and 97% of questionable mainstream media having covered the presidential campaign in the most dishonest way on both sides of the North Atlantic Ocean, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States on November 8th 2016. No doubt, this unexpected news would be more than these well-mannered, well-travelled characters and kings of the totalitarian era of “Name and Shame” could chew. No doubt, this most charming company would try to delegitimize the President-elect, forgetting the unsolicited advice Michelle Obama had given to Hillary Clinton, her once best enemy, weeks before the last presidential debate: “when they go low, you go high”. In other words, the spit of the toad doesn’t reach the white dove. Fine. But when as soon as the defeat strikes and hurts, the so called dove and her army of Democrats change themselves into ugly toads spiting all over on the solely ground they can’t stand the result of a democratic election, what happens ? Within seconds, what kind of bitter slime abundantly pours on the planet? Here’s the answer: A trumped-up conspiracy theory.

Once, the American people were forced to experience the McCarthyism madness. Seven decades later, the madness hasn’t gone. While political Islam, Iran, China and President Erdogan are the biggest concerns at a geopolical level, the Russian Hackers’ theory emerges, and the Democrats plan is to grow it viral. But what is it all about? An attempt to politicize hacking ? Obviously. Then, what for? Make the mainstream media publish pages of drama reporting that Russian hackers and Putin have helped Donald Trump win the election? Fine. Objectify there does exist a threat on the national security? Good. Try the sick game consisting in pointing the opposition leader and the critical press as Agents of Russia? One can always try, right ? Yet, let me ask few questions A/ Can the Washington post, the New-York Times and the list can go on, produce any concrete evidence of such easy allegations? Is it the role of prominent media to traffick in fictions? Actually, can the CIA’s Director overturn incontestable evidence? It happens he cannot. Besides, no one will ever forget that the bottom of the current tragedy happening in the Middle East began with a fat lie. In October of 2002, 9 months before the US-led invasion of Iraq, the CIA produced a document summarizing “relevant” intelligence on Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological weapons programs. The document became the basis for the Bush Administration’s public statements about the extent of Saddam’s WMD (weapons of mass destruction) program and was also distributed to members of Congress. However, it wasn’t until 2014 that an expurgated version of the document was released, determining that if Saddam Hussein had an active chemical weapons program, the CIA couldn’t prove that his regime had actually resumed producing chemical and biological agents and casted doubt on the actual extent of Saddam’s program.  Everybody knows the rest of this deplorable story. So what can we expect this time? The CIA has already classified the file gathering the so-called evidences proving a Russian’s hacking or some help of any sort to Donald Trump. We are hundred millions to believe the file is absolutely empty. Moreover, according to another report, the FBI has reached to a much different conclusion. Is that a surprise? Should we remember that back in July 2016, the FBI’s Director James Comey issued a statement referring to Mrs Clinton’s private server, declaring: “There is little doubt that foreign actors can access to her personal emails. We did not find direct evidence (…) We assess it would be unlikely to see such foreign directiveness”. In other words, there is no consensus between the 2 agencies on whether there exists a huge concern about a Russian’s hacking threat over the US national security or not. However, the cyber-attack threat is real. In the past years, it has been proven than Chinese have hacked into 50 million US personal files. So the question is this one: Since the US security system is obviously not unbreakable, then why didn’t Obama take the strong steps in order to fix the situation? Where is his statement blaming China’s government or Chinese hackers?

The truth is that the Democrats can only make fools of themselves, because you cannot have it all, or can you? You cannot hope to disguise a totalitarian oligarchy exclusively focusing on its particular needs and interests behind “progressive and humanist values” for too long, can you? When you preach for an increasing globalization that will leave 40% of every national population in the industrialized countries on the pavement within the next ten years, thanks to automation and digitalization, is that decent to come and beg for impunity and absolution? Is that decent to draw the international community’s attention to the tragedy happening in Aleppo when prior to the onset of the Syrian war, the US State Department had been secretly financing Syrian opposition groups and other opposition projects for at least five years, without accurate knowledge of who those persons could be or the various questionable plans they were pursuing? Actually, in March 2011, when Daraa violence launches Syrian war, the Daraa protest movement had all the appearances of a staged event involving covert support to Islamic terrorists by Western intelligence. In Daraa, roof top snipers were targeting both police and demonstrators; a technique also used in Kiev, when the CIA have actively orchestrated the western Ukraine’s population uprising.

But let’s stick to Syria. On August 1-2012, Obama authorized secret support for Syrian rebels. Therefore, on October 2 of the next year, the CIA expanded a clandestine effort to train opposition fighters in Syria amid concerns that the U.S. backed militias were rapidly losing ground in the country’s civil war. The huge problem is that US officials had warned the President. Nothing less than 20.000 of them were considered “extremists with militant Islamist agendas. In addition, hard-line factions were draining momentum and support to these so called moderate rebel groups, among which could be found the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Jabhat al-Nusra (until July 2016) including fighters who had extensive experience from the war in Iraq and had built strong ties to Al-Qaeda”. So let’s get this straight. Barack Obama has committed a huge crime when he’s authorized the CIA’s support to those charming rebels, and there’s no way he could find an easy way out now, blaming Russia for the slaughter happening in Aleppo. If “name and shame” is the rule of the dirty game, then the President of the United States will have to deal with an international consternation. And if as soon as elected, the first black President of the United States was being given the Nobel Price for peace on groundless bases, at the twilight of a terrible presidency, which award the children of Aleppo would be ready to grant him?

The agony of the great hypocrisy era or the modern McCarthyism’s conspiracy

On last October 18, President Obama publically declared: “there is no serious person out here who would suggest that you could ever rig America’s election”. That was three weeks before Donald Trump’s unconditional victory. That was two hundred years after Victor Hugo wrote: “It was exactly then, that hope changed sides and the soul of the battle swayed”, in his poem “Expiation”. The French Napoleonian Army was expecting reinforcement units that never showed up. In November 2016, an oligarchy was expecting the assassination of the truth, but greediness always kills you in the end. Yet, the outrage was too great. Donald Trump had to be blamed for everything. A gigantic “Fake News” conspiracy against him and the American people had to be settled. The Oligarchs, the military-security complex, the Hillary Clinton Democrats and even a part of the neoconized Republicans couldn’t lose their privileges without a fierce fight, could they? Then, the plan was pretty clear. First, gather the anti-Trump identity movements and organize a nationwide hysteria. Second, command the recount of the electoral votes in various swing States while initiating a suspicion over a possible hacking of the electoral machines. But it wasn’t enough. Russia and President–elect Trump had to appear best partners in a Machiavellian scheme to weaken, impoverish and exhaust America. That’s the moment when as irrational as it can seem and against any journalistic ethics, the Washington Post, the New York Times, the whole European mainstream media and TV presstitutes started publishing baseless charges against Russia. “The mean enemy, the dark evil has hacked into Hillary’s private server and used her personal emails to elect Trump with the help of Russian agent websites… “

As insane as one can figure out, an oligarchy was ready to drag America back to the McCarthyism madness era. The mainstream media also needed to shut down the dissident internet alternative media. But how do you do that, when the freedom of the press and free speech define a democratic country and space? They suddenly had the following brilliant idea: Suggest Facebook and other social media to post a red scroll alerting each user that the site he was about to click on was “Fake news”. Facebook nicely replied that the company was not a news media. Therefore, this kind of questionable offer was irrelevant. Any customer was free to read whatever he wanted and then decide for himself what was “fake” and what was accurate.

Lastly, a shady new website called PropOrNot (propaganda or not) has recently posted its “fake news” list of 200 internet Russian agents, as a piece of “incontestable evidence”. How ironical, when one can realize the website is hidden behind multiple screens. In other words, no known person or entity is legally responsible for what’s published on the site which last article is: ” Russia is Manipulating US Public Opinion through Online Propaganda: Russia thinkfluencers”. When you consider the money and the expertise required to shield the identity of an organization, there are only two options: Real money or CIA is behind the screen. Another one may be the following one: both. Make your own opinion.

Yet, on November the 24th, the blacklisting organization was described by the Washington Post’s journalist Craig Timberg as “a nonpartisan collection of researchers with foreign policy, military and technology background”. The Washington Post agreed to preserve the anonymity of the group’s director on the grounds that “exposure could result in their being targeted by “Russia’s legions of skilled hackers”. However, The Post failed to explain what methods PropOrNot relied on to conclude that “stories planted or promoted by the Russian disinformation campaign were viewed more than 213 million times”.

So my last question is this one : How can a list of unsupported accusations be published in a prominent newspaper ? Are there journalistic ethics still alive in the western world? Again, the lack of evidence is what’s killing the oligarchy’s plot.

Would the Washington Post’s editor have published such a libel-inviting narrative, unless the owner Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos agreed? Is it because he is protected by his reported membership on a US government committee, along with the Google CEO?

Nevertheless, after going under fire on social media for its unreliable and provocative hit piece and facing threats of legal actions, the Washington Post was forced to add an editor’s note distancing the paper from the dubious website PropOrNot.

So if we come back to our ordinary man who thought he was living in “a brave new world”, the tragedy is to consider Plato was right all through 25 centuries. Indeed, in volume VII of “The Republic”, the philosopher had warned humanity. Trying to rank the political systems, Plato had placed democracy just in front of tyranny, behind aristocracy, timocraty and oligarchy. Yet, if we still believe democracy is the best regime possible, at the dawn of the third millennium, aren’t we entitled to notice that a modern oligarchy has collected all the wanderings of all political systems to lead the common fate to an absolute disaster? Russia will always belong to the western civilization. Modern Russia isn’t Stalinism, nor can modern America afford to sink back into the McCarthyism’s madness of a dead century.

© Mylene Doublet-O’Kane, 14 Nov 2016 – Europe Israel News

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