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Zionists backed Trump to retain ‘global power,’ says Washington DC Imam

Zionists backed Trump to retain ‘global power,’ says Washington DC Imam

Muslims must ‘rescue poor, dumb American people,’ exhorts hate group director

Zionists brought Donald Trump to the White House, and did so in order to “maintain their global power,” a Muslim hate cleric charged in a speech at a Washington, DC, mosque.

“They [the Zionists] will bring a fool to power any time they can to do their bidding,” said Arkansas-born Imam Abdul Alim Musa in a sermon last week at the Al Islam Mosque, documented on Wednesday by the watchdog Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri).

It was up to Islam to “rescue the poor, dumb American people,” he said.

White Americans “don’t think too much,” he said. “And I don’t mean to be sounding racist – negroes ain’t no better, just so you know.”

The imam — an African American convert to Islam — accused Zionists of creating “a Hitlerian” environment “exactly like the one that existed in Germany before World War II.”

They treat Palestinians “word for word, minute for minute, letter for letter – exactly like the Nazis treated the Europeans.”

He went on to declare that Zionists were behind the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and then framed the Muslims.

The imam is the director and founder of As-Sabiqun, defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, with branches in Oakland, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento. He is also founder and director of the Islamic Institute of Counter-Zionist American Psychological Warfare, and is a member of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought.

One of the pioneers of the Israeli Internet, Zvi was already established as the voice of Israeli internet among international users as early as 1991, which resulted in the Israeli government asking him to lead the famous Jerusalem One project, the very first Israeli Internet network. Zvi Lando was the designer/builder of the first web sites for the Prime Minister's office, the Foreign Ministry, and worked for 13 years with the Jewish Agency, building dozens of projects, including, in 1996, Emet - the first Hebrew web site in history.

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