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Erdogan and “good relations” with Israel

Erdogan and “good relations” with Israel

The good news is that Turkey and Israel, after 6 years have reinstated diplomatic ties and exchanged ambassadors.

The bad news is that Turkey now has a dictator leading it, and in an interview to Israeli TV, he admitted that he doesn’t know who is worse, Hitler or Israel.

One could truly identify with his indecision, truly it is hard to determine between the two, especially when you have just staged a coup against yourself, arrested tens of thousands of your opponents including teachers, government clerks, and lawmakers.

I don’t need to go “way back” in history to remind E of the genocide committed by his country, since I can just simple go to Google and without much work get an article written in August this year in the British newspaper, “The Independent” and read:

Turkish air strikes ‘kill at least 40 civilians in Syria’ 

And that was BEFORE he sent his troops into both Syria and Iraq on the attack.

I could add many more, but I rely on my readers to get the idea.

Mr. E – I won’t presume to give you any suggestions, but I will give you a grade on “good relations” and “Hypocrisy”. You have failed. Miserably.

 Zvi Lando 

Twitter: @zlando



One of the pioneers of the Israeli Internet, Zvi was already established as the voice of Israeli internet among international users as early as 1991, which resulted in the Israeli government asking him to lead the famous Jerusalem One project, the very first Israeli Internet network. Zvi Lando was the designer/builder of the first web sites for the Prime Minister's office, the Foreign Ministry, and worked for 13 years with the Jewish Agency, building dozens of projects, including, in 1996, Emet - the first Hebrew web site in history.

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