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Israel “Racist”?… Lets Look at The “Diversity” of Gaza-Hamas, Shall We?

The Men and Women of the IDF

As the Arab world is busy ethnically cleansing itself of millions of its minority communities, the words “racists” and “apartheid” are thrown around by Israel’s hypocritical detractors.

Israel is by far the most ethnically diverse country in the Middle East… and that diversity is reflected in the Israel Defense Forces, which consists of soldiers of every imaginable ethnic, religious, gender and sexual-orientation background. Indeed, many people are surprised to learn that a significant number of Muslims, and a growing number of Christians serve in the IDF, even in the most rigorous combat units.

The most well known minority representation in the IDF is from the Druze sect, an offshoot of Shia Islam:

And it’s not just ethnic diversity, it is also gender diversity. The IDF is the only army in the world with a compulsory female draft:

So that begs the question; What is the ethnic and gender makeup of Hamas? Here’s a clue; Hamas is a radical Islamist organization which enforces strict Sharia law in Gaza. All of it’s fighters are religiously-oriented Arab Sunni Muslim men. Women? As in every radical Islamic society, women are subservient property. Gays? Deep in the closet. In the Gaza Strip, as is the case in any radical Islamist society, homosexuality can be punishable by death. Minorities? Virtually non-existent.


And yet, in the ongoing propaganda campaign, Islamists are well aware of the key buzz-words that make an impression on a naive Westerner… and those Key buzz-words include terms like “racist” and “apartheid”. Their argument utterly depends on the ignorance of their intended audience.

If opposing radical Islamisim is “racist” and apartheid”, than Israel, with all of its diversity and tolerance, should wear it as a badge of honor. Who wouldn’t want to be “apart” from radical Islam?… if only for ones own safety, morality and sense of decency.


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